SLOW DOWN Winter Performance Festival is a cultural booster that will run between 15 until 18 December at the Amstelpark in Amsterdam Zuid. The entrance to the festival is FREE!

Winter is the season of the year in which nature regenerates itself, and we are taking this yearly period of hibernation as a metaphor to talk about our societies acceleration.

Slow Down Winter Performance Festival presents original productions created by artists who explore the boundaries of performance. It is a festival for artists with a unique view on the world and for audiences unafraid of questioning their own perspectives. A selection of 9 international performance-artist is presenting art pieces which durational nature, giving the audience the freedom of time consumption.

Durational performance is a format in which the very agency of time is brought to the forefront. Repetition, contemplation or interactivity with the audience are integrated in a strategy that explore our understanding of the present.

The quiet nature of Amstelpark has been the drive that moved us to develop the concept for the festival, matching the artistic forms and the physical space under the constant questioning of our high-speed society.