Nir Nadler and Chaja Hertog | Mind the Gap

Durational performance / installation.

In the performance-installation 'Mind the Gap' a woman is suspended in midair above a man. The absence of physical contact between their bodies highlights the notion of attraction and isolation that exists between two lovers. With exception of the woman's hair, which totally covers the man's face, there is no physical contact between them as though the laws of gravity have stopped and time stands still.

Chaja Hertog (1978, Amsterdam) and Nir Nadler (1977, Haifa) are an artist duo based in Amsterdam. In their work they incorporate a broad range of media including performance, installation, film, photography and cultural interventions.

They both graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Arts, Later on Hertog continued to recieve  her Master from the ArtScience department at the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague and Nadler recently graduated from DasArts - Master of Theatre in Amsterdam.

Apart from their relationship as partners in art, Hertog and Nadler are also partners in life. This blurring of the professional and the personal factors prominently into their creative process in which they meet one another in a shared artistic vision. Abstract in terms of storytelling and expressive in terms of imagery, the work of HertogNadler offers a mind-expanding journey into imaginary worlds while subverting the audience’s perception through what is seen and what is imagined.