Vera Korman | Snow balls and palm tress

Skype as a video real time face to face communication tool, becomes in this performance a platform concerning the fluidity of our subjectivity. Skype, as a meeting of two video performances, two projections of realities at the same time, is dealing with the core paradox of the balance in between presence and physical absence. A performance by skype is not only a real time screening of a performance, but Double Lents, double screens confronting each other with out no one holding the camera. The screens replace the body. Two reflections facing each other.

Vera Korman was born in Colombia in 1976. She lives and works in Tel Aviv and Amsterdam.  Korman utilizes gender related conventions, through an in depth dialogue calling on confrontational expressions of sexuality and gender throughout the history of western art. Her video-performance art work has been lately show in her solo exhibition ‘Banana Split’, at Shay Ariye Gallery in Tel Aviv, or at the permanent installation by Pipilotti Rist at Boijmans van Beuningen museum, Rotterdam.