Linda Molenaar | Tree Pose

In the contemporary performance art field, the fragile edge that separates the physical and the political body is frequently expressed as the relationship happening between nature/culture. Linda Molenaar’s last performance ‘Tree Pose’, precisely it focuses the attention on the merging point of both concepts. She is building a new ‘nature’ layer around her (within the form of a tree skin) that instead of isolating, makes her body fuse with the environment allowing the body to express itself through this humanized nature.

'I want to portray my conviction and I am always looking for new physical challenges that limit the length of my endurance. On location, the surroundings also play a part by evoking various associations. I do not communicate my intentions by grand gestures on a stage, nor by means of equipment or a starting signal. On the contrary, it’s all on a small scale and independent of anything else'.

Linda Molenaar (NL) is a visual-performance artist based in the Netherlands. Her work is situated at the point where performance and object meet. Among her more important recent solo exhibitions, appear ‘Performance in Beeld’, at the Nederlandsche Cacaofabriek Helmond or ‘Octavio and I’, 2x2projects in Amsterdam.