Anet van de Elzen | Time is black

Anet van de Elzen proposes a site-specific intervention on the Amstelpark, based on sound installations in which she amplifies her voice and transforms herself in a black presence in the park. The image relates to the sound. The sound relates to the surrounding. Anet will introduce four works, one each day, building on each other; making one compilation to conform an imaginary reflection on the park itself.

Anet van de Elzen (NL), lives and works in Amsterdam. She makes performances, photographs and sculptures. Anet's work comes from a different, much slower world than our daily life one, making it physical to put it in an every day context. Her intention being to create a direct and intense mode of communication. Her performances are shown in festivals around the world: Japan, South-Africa, U.S.A. as well as in different countries in Europe. Recently she initiated To Be Present - Live - No Tech; now being the artistic director of this new Live Art Platform. She is also a member of the international performance group The Wolf In The Winter.

Time Is Black is kindly supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK)